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Today I’ll tell you something about the rear suspension upgrade/mod. Most of the Dio Z4 riders might have noticed that the stock rear suspension wobbling like crazy. It’s dangerous! With soft tires tends to loose grip too. Some switched to the KITACO with 4 regulations. I used it and tried with all the regulations. It works a bit better. Shifts the weight of the bike to the front….just a little. ..”for me” it’s not enough. It always tends to loose grip on the rear tire. Most probably it’s the weight of the bike 80+ kg (196+lbs) badly distributed. SADLY NO RACING SUSPENSION IS AVAILABLE FOR THE Z4. The only way is to adapt something. I’ve found a FORZA (DURO or RMS it’s the same brand) with preload regulations…looks just like a Malossi (PAIOLI it’s the actual maker) RS24 which is commonly used in the Malossi trophy. I paid just 30bucks… of course…it was completely messed up with no gas in it….and rusty. Main problem….ITS WAY TOO BIG! The stock is 250mm, Kitaco 260mm, this is like 300+! I’ll need a lathe to make it shorter. I’ll have to make a thread to adapt the tiny upper and bottom forks from the stock suspension.

From the left: stock, Kitaco and FORZA (RMS).

See how small it’s the stock suspension.

This FORZA suspension was taken from a Piaggio ZIP SP 50cc 2stroke used for racing. This scooter weight 70kg+-…and it has this big suspension… How come Z4 that weight over 80kg has such a tiny thing?

Here I’ve just recharged it with nitrogen. According to the guy who recharged, the suspension isn’t working properly…to me…so far so good enough.

As you can see this new suspension has the upper and lower hooking taken from the KITACO.

Probably I’ll have to shave some plastic from the air filter box due to the big diameter of the new bad boy!

had to cut off that extra piece of metal.

It barely fit!

This thing it’s so massive!!!

After few rides I can tell:

1. The scooter it’s way higher and the central stand can barely keep up with the new height (to install it I had to lift the scooter real high to put on this massive suspension)

2. Probably the suspension was really broken… Because when I hit those big holes on the streets in this wonderful town I can hear a SHARP HIT…in my back too…MAN it hurts so bad!

3. The weight of the scooter move to the front wheel that automatically makes the handlebar much heavier to move. On the other hand its possible to feel a much grip on the back tire.


Probably if I could find a BITUBO or PAOLI suspension with a length of 250 or 260mm it would become much more drivable. May be a Yamaha Booster might have the same length but I’ll have to adapt upper and lower fork.


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