Without air scoop the KOSO digital liquid gauge always blink at 120C (248F) way too high!! Nevertheless the stock dashboard never gives an overheat signal… may be once a year….but as I turn it off and on it stops.

With this home made air scoop the situation didn’t improve at all.

Sadly the KOSO gauge won’t give temperatures higher than 120…so may be was even hotter…who knows. In any case even with the half air scoop still we get a a 120C degree.

I’ll try to make a bigger air scoop that covers the whole radiator area.

….incredibly with just that paper tape it didn’t flew away!


ok this time I covered the whole radiator area with this tape air scoop….resemble pretty much some of the Honda GET air scoop sold for unreasonable prices. Let see if with less than a EURO we achieve some good results.


Ahhhhhhhhh sorry everyone… Just tested the air scoop and…still the KOSO gauge goes up to 120 C degree….MAN! I was pretty convinced it would have work!

Conclusion: air scoop is a waste of money…plus added high risk to hit someone’s car or disintegrate it while driving in the traffic…it protrude too much.

The KOSO gauge is steady at 120C because the oil sealing are gone and piston rings are totally gone…. I’m impressed how this GET motor keep on running though.

May be when I’ll put a new engine temperature will go down…. But honestly with the air scoop I think it decrease of just 5C degrees at most. With half and complete air scoop I touched the radiator and it was as hot as the exhaust…. Ouch!!!

Ps. Liquid level is perfect with no bubbles in the circuit (I’m saying just in case someone dare to suggest me I didn’t check liquid level).

Only thing that might work to cool down is an additional radiator and or an electric pump…OR removing the thermostat…as some people with racing bikes do.


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